Founded in 2005 by Guido Moritz in Dusseldorf “MO Architekten Ingenieure“ is an architecture office that ever since worked on supraregional projects. Temporary offices ensure that the required presence at the construction site is given.

Since 2009 our company has a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Julia Krause has been a partner at MO Architekten Ingenieure since 2021. The corporate form changed to Moritz + Krause PartGmbB.

The principle of our office is to focus on the essential aspects in each project and to support the architects and builders with technical competencies in the HOAI work stages 6-9 (German Fee Structure of Architects and Engineers).

Our office does not see the contracting authority as a supervisor, the construction workers as subordinates or the client as someone who needs to be instructed. We see each of them as partners.